About Berkshire Road Brownies

Many who know my mom would agree that she is one of the kindest, most generous people they know. Growing up, our home on Berkshire Road was truly a reflection of generosity, as she and my dad constantly welcomed family, friends, neighbors, and even friends of friends to “come on in and stay a while.”  Visits routinely included my mom’s homemade caramel brownies; if not freshly baked, she always had some that she could pull from the freezer.

In addition, my mom made her brownies to give as gifts, to welcome new neighbors, to thank our teachers, for Christmas, birthdays, and just to give away to brighten someone’s day. And, as her children grew up, went away to school, and ventured to new cities, she became very good at shipping brownies as well as baking them. College friends, and even in our careers, our co-workers and customers have benefitted. And of course, they are still specially made for her grandchildren.

Our home on Berkshire Road is now a fond memory, but the brownies and the goodness they represent remain. That goodness is not only in the sense of great flavor, but “goodness,” as defined as “the desire to act unselfishly for the benefit of others.”

My family and I hope that you can enjoy this goodness, and share it.

We are so grateful for your business. Please know that we share a portion of sales during our “share goodness” campaigns. And, as we grow, we hope to employ many who need a second chance.


Terry Coffey

Owner, Berkshire Road Brownies