Share Goodness Award

Congratulations, Judi E, Share Goodness Award Winner!

Below is her nomination letter, submitted by Laura H—Thanks, Laura!

I met Judi and family 10 years ago when they moved from Detroit to Cleveland and joined our parish family. Relocating with three children is difficult enough but there is more. Judi battles an ailment known as Chiari Malformation. Her brain has descended low in her skull which caused her to have full brain surgery. She has an incision on the back of her head from top to bottom. (Judi refers to it as a zipper incision).  The purpose of the surgery was to shave away the bone to make more room for the brain. Although the surgery happened before their relocation to Cleveland, she faces daily and ongoing struggles due to this condition. It is debilitating. This affects everything she does and yet she manages.  Judi is amazing!
Judi and her husband Chris have 3 children, each busy with their own activities. They don’t miss a thing. They are constantly volunteering and helping where needed.
This in itself is enough for me to confidently nominate Judi, but let me tell you what she does for a living.

Judi works full time for a nonprofit called EDEN, Emerald Development and Economic Network. Judi works tirelessly to place homeless people in the city of Cleveland. This is her passion, her purpose!!! She is a very gifted writer and works on grants and placement for the homeless. She is active in fundraising as well as the daily struggles of the homeless. She is a gift to those most in need.

Judi E. is nothing short of an inspiration to me. She is selfless, generous and kind. She embraces faith, family and social awareness and has passed this on to her children. She is a perfect match for your program.

Thank you for your consideration. Your company philosophy is beautiful, and I wish you nothing but the best!!!!

Laura H.